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Monday, 6 August 2012

Society's Medical Store

Dear friends
We, an activists group of Malappuram Dist of Kerala the most drug consuming dist in India, recently formed a society – kerala health careseekers mutual service society – to intervene in the market of essentials to healthcare
Here are some statistics that remind us of the challenges in the Indian healthcare domain:
  • Over 30% people in rural India and 20% in urban India don’t seek treatment for lack of financial resources.
  • Every year nearly 39 million people in India are pushed into poverty because of ill-health.
  • The common man spends 72% of out-of-pocket expenditure on drugs.
  • India’s current public spending on health at 0.94% of GDP is among the lowest in the world.

In such a scenario, the work undertaken by kerala healthcare seekers mutual service society gains significance. The society , through its direct intervention programs at primary healthcare level and through sustain lobbying & advocacy on health policy with state & national governments .
Our first venture is a life saving drug store chain running on no-profit no- loss basis to reduce the cost of drugs .Along with this we wish to promote the necessasity of generic drugs among health careseekers . This initiative is mainly targeted to help the marginalised community. This has been able to effect positive changes in the communities it serves.
Awaiting your co operation
Rajankala m
Executive director